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About Caring Partners

Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit Care Management Organization (CMO).  We coordinate services, resources and supports to children and young adults with the most complex needs that include: behavioral/emotional, intellectual/developmental and substance use. Caring Partners works with child-family teams to develop individualized service plans. Our goal is to keep children and young adults in their homes, their schools, and their communities.

Wraparound Process

Realizing that the most effective services and supports are derived from the community itself, Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. bases its efforts on the “wraparound process” of service delivery, whereby families and communities collaborate in identifying and building upon their strengths while devising strategies to help the family achieve its vision.

Community services and supports are identified in partnership with families, while service providers are encouraged to close gaps. By centering on the family, wraparound ensures that a natural system of care will exist for a child when involvement with the formal system ends.

The Role of the Care Manager

When a child enters Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc., an assigned Care Manager meets with the child and family. The Care Manager begins the process of creating an inventory of the family’s strengths, needs, values, culture, and preferences so that an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) can be developed which builds upon the potentials of those involved and makes sense in the context of their specific life situations.

The Care Manager continues to meet with the family to provide support, and convenes the initial Child and Family Team meeting. S/he facilitates subsequent meetings in order to monitor the ISP, improve its effectiveness, and respond to changes in circumstances of the child and family.

Child and Family Team

Each family’s ISP – structured around basic measurable, immediate and long term goals- is developed by a Child & Family Team (CFT) comprised of both “natural” and “formal” supports who are integrally involved with the family and play an important role in the child’s life. Natural supports may include relatives, clergy, friends, neighbors, and coaches. Formal supports may include therapists, teachers, probation officers or other professionals who are current or potential service providers to the family.

The child’s primary caregiver is a key member of the Team and must take ownership of the ISP in order for it to succeed. All team members are required to commit to doing “whatever it takes” to help the child and the family achieve positive outcomes. Family preferences, culture, and values determine the size and composition of the Team, which evolves and changes over time as the family relationships, interests, and needs change.

The CFT’s ultimate objective is to develop, refine, and execute, the ISP based upon wraparound values and strength-based planning. The ISP will address all areas of the child’s life, including family interactions, safety concerns, emotional/psychological supports, educational objectives, legal issues, and medical concerns. Copies of the ISP are distributed to each Team member.

Crisis Management

During the first home visit, the Care Manager and family develop a preliminary crisis plan to address any immediate concerns of potential crises and the child’s and family’s safety. The collective creativity of the entire CFT serves to further develop interventions and supports tailored to meet the specific needs of the child and family in crisis. The Team creates a plan which specifies the responsibilities of the family and all Team members during a crisis. Caring Partners maintains 24 hour on-call consultation.

Eligibility of Services

Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. serves youth who have been identified as having complex needs, such as: emotional/behavioral, intellectual/developmental, and substance use. Children and young adults up to age 21, involved in multiple systems, and in need of intensive support due to the complexities of their specific circumstances are eligible for services.

“No Reject/No Eject” Policy

Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. accepts all children and young adults identified by PerformCare. Each Care Manager collaborates with his/her assigned families and their respective community supports to meet the goals of the Child and Family Team. Should the ISP not work, the Team commits to change services and supports-not to “eject” the family.

Community Partnerships

All agencies, community organizations, and groups are welcome to participate in the network of care for Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. Services may include any that nurture the youth and family’s long-term bonds to the community, addressing issues that may be psychological/emotional, financial, safety or housing related, educational, spiritual, medical, social/cultural, recreational, vocational, or legal.

Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. welcomes your participation and support as we collaborate with families and communities to help children and young adults with complex and multiple needs.