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Child and Family Team

Central to the  wraparound process is the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that “wraps” services and social supports around the child and family, delivered in the home or in the communities where they live and attend school. Children and their families are at the center of the ISP planning process, and their needs and goals drive the development of ISP strategies. These strategies address all aspects of family, school, and community life beyond the treatment of mental health symptoms.

Caring Partners helps families find, create and develop options that will support them while they work on solutions to their problems. The Child and Family Team (CFT) is a crucial part of this process. The CFT helps families help themselves by providing the structure for the Team meetings and by helping put in place the Individual Service Plan that the CFT creates. The Child and Family Team is made up of the people who know the child and family best. Team members are people who are willing to make a commitment to do whatever it takes to help the child and family make their life better.

To support ISP goals and strategies, Caring Partners manages a local system of care that blends professional or formal services with informal supports or resources, such as faith based and civic organizations or community recreation programs for each child. Child and family teams will explore “what works” to meet the child and family/caregiver’s needs and goals, and work to maintain family stability and participation in community life. Service utilization will be driven by contribution to desired outcomes as envisioned by the child’s family.