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For Providers

All agencies, community organizations, and groups are welcome to participate in the network of care for Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. Services may include any that nurture the youth and family’s long-term bonds to the community, addressing issues that may be psychological/emotional, social, recreational, vocational,skill building, etc.

Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. welcomes your participation and support as we collaborate with families and communities to help children and young adults with complex and multiple needs.

Providers interested in serving youth and families involved with our services can contact the Community Resource Manager at mou@caringpartnerscmo.org to be considered for Memorandum of Understanding.

As part of its ongoing efforts to conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner, Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. has a Corporate Compliance Plan and has implemented a policy as required under Section 6032 of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. Adherence to the Policy by all staff members, agents and contractors of Caring Partners is required as a condition of continued employment, engagement or affiliation. Any questions regarding the Corporate Compliance Plan and Federal Deficit Reduction Act Policy should be directed to the Quality Manager, Amanda Thompson or, if unavailable, the Chief Executive Officer, James Mahoney. Actual or suspected violations of the Standards of Practice or Corporate Compliance Plan can be reported by contacting SAFE Hotline, which is an independent, third-party, confidential and anonymous reporting service. 

FDRA Policy