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Who We Help

If you find your child in one of these situations...

If you're concerned about an emotional or behavioral problem, or if someone you trust, like a friend, family member, teacher, doctor, or clergyman, feels your child, youth or young adult needs help, then you're in the right place.

behavioral health

Social, Emotional or Behavioral Needs

developmental disabilities

Developmental or Learning Disabilities

substance abuse

Challenges with Substance Use

How to Get Help

Call PerformCare at (877) 652‑7624

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

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The 3-Step Referral Process

1. Call PerformCare at (877) 652‑7624

A PerformCare Care Coordinator will ask you some basic questions to help determine if your child or family needs immediate assistance, in which case, your Care Coordinator may dispatch local Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization Services.

2. Do a Needs Assessment

The Care Coordinator may contact a licensed clinician to help you complete a Needs Assessment to help determine if your child needs more intensive support such as community-based care management services.

3. Obtain a Referral

If your child has need for intensive wraparound care & support services and can benefit from a dedicated family and community team, you will then be referred to Caring Partners of Morris & Sussex.

What to Expect from Caring Partners

A family-centered approach focused on needs & strengths.

Whether your child is in crisis, or struggling with a developmental disability, we are here to help them and you, the parent, guardian or caregiver. Our goal is to help you harness the local resources and relevant services necessary to build a stronger, happier, and more sustainable life for your child, well beyond their time spent with Caring Partners. Our experienced staff can work with you and the youth to help stabilize, maintain, and ultimately, optimize their home environment, and obtain the help they need to begin building a brighter future.

  • Keeping youth in their homes
  • Leveraging community supports
  • Tailoring to youth & family needs
  • Reliable 24 hour on-call access

A Care Manager for Your Family

Each child has a Care Manager assigned who is responsible for working directly with them, and their family. Their job is to listen to you: learn your concerns, identify your issues, acknowledge your strengths, and ensure that you receive the help your family needs.

A Child & Family Team with a Plan

Caring Partners uses a Child & Family Team approach in helping families. Your Care Manager identifies the people who play a key role in the child's life (e.g., relatives, mentors, coaches, teachers, etc.) and works with that team to develop a plan to address the specific needs of the child while cultivating their strengths.

Wraparound Family Support

Our approach is based on a model of care called Wraparound. The goal of which is to maintain your child within the home and community and surround them with the people in their lives who matter most. Our sister organization, Family Partners of Morris and Sussex, provides additional support to the caregivers and families of enrolled youth.

Enrollment Forms & Authorizations

Only for enrolled youth and their family members.

If you would like to request a copy of a youth's record, please use this form:

Request to Access Protected Health Information

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