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It Takes Caring to Build a Strong Community

We're looking for the best local resources and healthcare providers to help us better serve our youth and families.

Community Resources for Families

Strength and Resilience for Our Youth & Families

We encourage all agencies, community organizations, and local groups to participate in our growing network of care.

Recreational Organizations

Strong, agile bodies support strong, agile minds.

Youth and Summer Camps

Connecting with peers, connecting with nature.

Faith-based Groups

Joining hearts and sharing time together.

Vocational Resources

Building pride in learning a trade or doing a job.


Giving youth the chance to be heard and valued.

Family Counselors

Protecting that which is the core of our community.

Mental Health Providers

Stabilizing young perspectives during challenging times.

Do You Have Something Great to Offer?

Join Us on Morris/Sussex ResourceNet

Medicaid Providers

Health & Well‑Being Go Hand‑in‑Hand

If you specialize in providing healthcare services that help children and young adults with complex and multiple needs, please contact us today to be considered for a Memorandum of Understanding.

Intensive In-Home Services

Intensive In-Community Services

Behavioral Assistance Services

Individual Support Services