The Spotlight Award recognizes outstanding employees who show exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance in their positions. Caring Partners is proud to announce that the next Spotlight Award recipients are Jennifer Oatley and Katelyn Cecere.

Jennifer has been a Care Manager Supervisor at Caring Partners since 2014. She consistently goes above and beyond to support the Care Managers on her team. Jennifer is always able to answer questions, provide guidance and help Care Managers feel empowered when they are navigating a challenging situation. If a Care Manager has any concerns about a meeting they need to attend, she is always willing to attend for additional support. Jennifer always ensures that she meets with Care Managers weekly, and reviews each family, to ensure that all the youth’s needs are being met and their goals are outcome driven.

Jennifer brings a much-needed sense of positive energy, validation, and constant laughter, that makes the extra difficult days much more manageable. She encourages the importance of maintaining self-care to ensure that Care Managers can manage day-to-day stressors when working with children and families. Jennifer always uses family-friendly language, is invested in each youth, and can think outside the box when facing challenging situations. Jennifer inspires Care Managers to find the strengths in the families they serve, and the strengths in themselves. She is constantly encouraging each team member to be their best and builds unity and respect within her team. Through her continued dedication, Jennifer exemplifies the values of Caring Partners.

Katelyn has been a Care Manager at Caring Partners for almost 5 years, having started as a Care Manager Assistant in 2016. Katelyn has a strong work ethic, leadership skills, and an overall willingness to help anyone that needs support. She is warm and welcoming, helping new coworkers acclimate and branch out to make connections.

Katelyn heads several committees at Caring Partners and is committed to employee engagement and success in everything she does. She easily builds rapport with her coworkers, the families she serves, and providers. Over the years, Katelyn has extensive knowledge of the pool of providers and supports services and is always able to make helpful suggestions when a coworker needs guidance. Katelyn is a valuable member of the staff at Caring Partners.