In honor of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month, Caring Partners organized a Youth Art Contest to shed light on mental health. We were delighted to receive a remarkable total of 86 submissions, each a testament to the wealth of talent in our community. Their creativity is deeply appreciated, as it plays a vital role in fostering awareness about mental health through the powerful medium of art.

A heartfelt congratulations is extended to all our gifted winners! Their artwork served as a source of inspiration, demonstrating boundless creativity. We appreciate their contribution to raising awareness about mental health through their artistry.

The winners in each age category will receive an awards certificate and a $100 Gift Card.

Winner of K-4 Category

Artist: Harshini Lingam Muhilan

Winner of Grades 5-8 Category

Artist: Sampriti Shrikant

Winner of Grades 9-12 Category

Juliette Speer