The Spotlight Award recognizes outstanding employees who show exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance in their positions. Caring Partners is proud to announce that the next Spotlight Award recipients are Amanda Testa, Rebecca Testa, and Luisa Garcia.

Amanda has been a Care Manager at Caring Partners since May 2020. She has shown the ability to manage challenging situations and collaborate effectively with multiple system partners. Amanda does a great job supporting the families she serves and helping them access the resources to meet their needs and overcome barriers to treatment. Amanda is also always willing to help her team in any way she can. Amanda has been a tremendous asset to Caring Partner and her hard work and dedication to the youth and families she works with does not go unnoticed.

Rebecca has been a Care Manager at Caring Partners since 2014. Rebecca is a wealth of knowledge for both the families she serves and fellow co-workers. She goes above and beyond for her families to be sure they have access to what they need to be successful. Rebecca also takes initiative to assist new Care Managers in acclimating to their role. Rebecca’s efforts and experience make her a valuable member of Team Red and a great asset to Caring Partners.

Luisa has been a Care Manager Assistant since Summer of 2021. Luisa has shown tremendous dedication to ensuring the needs of youth and families served by Caring Partners are met. She has demonstrated flexibility, creativity, compassion and enthusiasm while helping families navigate multiple obstacles to meet their needs. Luisa is also quick to volunteer to help or support others in the office. Luisa is a very valuable member of the Caring Partners staff.